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FairMoney Se Online Loan Kaise Le 

Hello friends Hello friends, welcome to our new post today, friends, today we have brought such a loan company for you. Through which you can get Instant Personal Loan by applying from your mobile phone sitting at home. bo directly to your bank account and without any assistance from any other person.

 Friends, today we are going to tell you about the name of the loan company. FairMoney Loan App

 Friends, up to what amount loan is given to you by this company. How much time is given to you to repay the loan amount. What documents are required for loan. What are the eligibility requirements and how can you apply for this loan online. So friends if you want to apply for loan. So today we have to read this post till the end.

 Friends, first of all let me tell you. Up to what amount personal loan is given to you by this loan company.

FairMoney Loan App Loan Amount

Friends, by the FairMoney Loan App, you are given a loan of at least 1,000 thousand rupees. Friends, by this company you can get maximum up to Rs 60,000 Instant Personal Loan

Are being given.

 Friends, let us now talk about what percentage of interest is taken from you on whatever amount is given to you from FairMoney Loan App.

FairMoney Loan App Interest Rate

Friends, whatever seed is planted on the amount given to you by this company, it is planted according to the whole year, friends, this interest can be around 15% to 30%.

 Friends, loan is given to you by this company at the lowest interest.

 Friends, this interest depends on the amount taken by you, for how many days you take the loan.

 Let us know how much time is given to you to return the amount given by the FairMoney Loan App.

FairMoney Loan App Tenur Rate

Friends, if you take a loan from the FairMoney Instant Loan App. So you are given a lot of time to get back the amount taken.

Hey friends, you are given at least 2 months to return the amount taken by this company. But if you need more time

 So the company gives you up to 6 months

 Friends, if you take a loan from FairMoney Instant Loan App, then what documents do you need?

Document Required FairMoney Loan App

1. Friends, you do not need any special documents to take a loan from FairMoney Loan App.

 2. You have to give your mobile number. So that the company can send you the necessary information through message

 3. You must have Aadhar card and PAN card without this you cannot apply for loan.

 4. You must have a valid bank account in which the loan amount can be deposited.

 5. You should have a bank statement which should be around 3 months old

 Let’s know. Which Eligibility Criteria  you have to fulfill in order to take a loan from the FairMoney Loan App.

FairMoney Loan App Eligibility Criteria

1. First of all your age should be at least 20 years and maximum should be 60 years

 2. You must have citizenship of India, if you do not have citizenship of India then you cannot apply for loan

 3. You must have some source of monthly income

 4. You must have a valid Aadhar card and PAN card, then only you can take a loan

 5. If you do any business then you cannot get loan from here

 Now let’s talk about how you can apply online for an instant personal loan with the FairMoney Loan App.

FairMoney Loan App Online Apply

1. First of all you have to download this application from Google Play Store in your phone

 2. Now you have to create your profile by signing up with your mobile number

 3. Now you have to upload your Aadhar card and PAN card, which shows whether you are eligible for the loan or not.

 4. If you are found eligible for loan by the company then you can apply for water loan

 5. Now you have to upload all your documents

 6. Finally, on completion of all the procedures, you are given the loan. And the loan amount is sent to your bank account

So friends, today through this post, we have learned how you can get Instant Personal Loan  with the help of FairMoney Loan App sitting at home.

 Friends, this is all you get in today’s post, friends in the next post, if you like today’s post, then share the post with your friends, share it on all social media platforms.

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